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Jalan Raya Kuta, Kuta (Lombok), Lombok, 83573, Indonesia

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Bombora Bungalows

Located just a few minutes walk to the beach in the heart of Kuta (Lombok) with a great selection of restaurants and shops. This is an ideal location for you to explore Kuta and the South Coast of Lombok. Six traditional style bungalows with a beautiful swimming pool in the center.

Four of the Bungalows are fan cooled and a 2 bedroom deluxe bungalow with AC/Hot Water and a kitchenette. This bungalow is ideal for families or small groups.

All bungalows surround the pool with decking and nice garden areas for relaxing and sunbathing. The Bungalows are all built under the shade of the coconut trees offering shade from the tropical sun.

Our surf company Isurflombok can also help with arranging bike/car/surfboard hire, surf trip, surf lessons, transport to your next destination. Our staff are here to make your stay as easy and relaxing as possible. Just ask and we will help.

Bombora Bungalows is only 25 minutes from the airport and is the ideal point of departure for any excursions or tours in Lombok or just for taking it easy and relax by the pool. Our restaurant offers a tempting breakfast and lunch menu.

The Surf



This huge bay is about 7 km east Kuta. The bay five five different spots so there´s always waves. Many of the breaks are best accessed by boat with no shortage of local boat captains ready to take you.

Inside Gerupuk: or Bumbang Bay, is a right-hander reef break. It is suitable for all levels an has fun waves, with a long wall and a forgiving lip. On big days with a Southwest swell it can be a great spot to surf. This break is surfable at any seasons and can handle any wind, even the trade wind, as it is protected by the surrounding hills. Best on an incoming tide and can hold 10ft solid.

Outside Gerupuk: or Gili Golong. A right-hander that is good at mid to high tide, better take your booties at low. Multiple peaks outside offer big drops on takeoff bending into a hollow and fast inside section. Can hold 8-10ft but is best at 4-6ft, from October to April.

Don-Don: The furthest break inside the bay and as a result needs a bigger swell to break. Don Don is a perfect A-frame peak walling and bending both left and right. For all level of surfers. Can be good in any season as long as the winds are light. Works on any tide, with out going tide the best time.

Kid´s Point: or Pelawangan, is another right-hander, only breaks on the biggest days, but when it works, its barrel city. Best on an incoming tide.



A right hand reef break located on the west side of Kuta. Access by boat and land is possible. This break is one of the best right hander on the South Coast. Mid to low tides can see the inside section doubling up and barreling. A left hander on the other side of the bay is surfable, though only when its small. Need a north-west wind, most common from October to April. Are Guling can hold 8-10ft when perfect, but is best at 4-6ft.


Located just 2 km from Kuta. Seger is a right reef break, with the occasional left off the peak. A good place when the swell drops. On mid tides and offshore winds this can be a great spot, with short tubes and bowly walls ready for any move you can think of. Need a light wind or north west wind, around Oct-April...




Located 20 minutes west of Kuta. On small days this reef break offers a nice peak with short hollow rights and lefts. At 6ft plus, Mawi transforms into a heaving left barrel, with elevator drops and heavy hold downs. At 8-10ft it’s not a spot for the faint hearted. Best on mid tides and a south east trade wind, from May to September. Mawi can hold any size you´re prepared to surf, just bring your balls!



Located to the east of Kuta and takes about 30 minutes by car to Awang and then another 20 mins by boat across the bay. Ekas is home to two spots.

Outside Ekas: is a left hander that starts working over 5ft and holds up to 10ft. The wave offers huge drops, acres of open face to carve and a ton of power to spare. Best on mid to high tides and a south east wind.
Inside Ekas: Located further inside the bay from Outside Ekas. A fun, walling peak, that can handle real size. Needs a big swell and south east winds, but on it day can offer very long rides and barrels on the inside of the right. Low tides for the right, higher tides for the left and holds 12ft plus.



Located on the South West Coast of Lombok, 3 hours drive from Kuta. On the right day Desert Point is famous as one of the best waves in the world. Super long barrels of 20 seconds have been recorded there and 10 second long tube rides are common. Low tides and  a south east wind with some swell turns on the most awesome barrels from May to October. It can go weeks without waves, but just one Desert Point bomb will make the wait worth it. Experienced surfer only. Bring your booties and a good tube riding board.


Explore what Lombok has to offer...we´ll do our best to make sure your stay is easy and hope the swell is pumping so we can go surfing. 


Getting Here


The easiest way to get to Lombok is a 30 minute flight on a daily service to Lombok International Airport (LOP) which is less than 30 minutes from Bombora Bungalows. There is a good service direct from many international airports with Silk Air, Air Asia and Garuda. Lion Air also has flights from Bali so if you check with airline there is many flights if you check with your ticket agent.


There are ferry both fast and slow leaving from Sarangan, near Benoa Harbour and also from Padang Bai Harbour. Many of the ferry tickets include Hotel pick up from your Bali location.


Kuta Beach & South Coast of Lombok offers good quality surf all within 30 minutes from your bungalow. You may need to hire a boat from locals to take you to some of the breaks. Kuta Lombok is a real "surfers´ paradise" if you check the list of breaks below..


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