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Sorake Beach, Taluk Dalam, Nias, 22865, Indonesia

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Hash and Family Surf Camp - Lagundri Bay

Came stay with us and we know you are going to be happy. We are good at taking care of you and making you happy.... that is what we do best. The hotel is operated by Hasrat Wau and his lovely family. Enjoy the best view of the Bay, the Point and to Indicators. Come on and visit us, enjoy all what you and your love ones need to be happy and make the best surf trip ever to the Lagundri Bay.

We are the best hotel on Nias Island because we have the best Nias accommodations, hot water bathrooms, great food, incredible views and service like no other in Lagundri Bay. We are bound by friendship and love for all of humanity and our home, Sorake Beach. It´s all too easy to stay with us and be happy! Come surf with The Best Nias Surf Camp!

Rates Include:

3 Delicious Meals per person per day
Unlimited Water, Tea and Coffee

The Surf

Which Wave is the best right-hander wave of Indonesia?

If you want to surf Indonesia, you should visit Hash & Family Surf Camp in Lagundri Bay on the island of Nias.
It’s been called many things including Nias, Lagundri, Sorake and most often just The Point, but whatever name is used, it always ends up in the world´s top 10 waves.
Here´s why:
the paddle out through the keyhole is dry hair simplicity,
the take-off is predictable,
the barrel is a flawless almond shape that peels with precision at the perfect speed for up to 10 seconds,
the reef is well covered, even though the recent up-thrust, from the 2005 earthquake, has made it barrel harder from waist high up to double overhead and beyond, plus the light seaward current from the channel deposits you nicely back at the peak, ironing out any shoulder bump on the way.
It´s all tides, all (light) winds, all year (with luck) and all too easy to stay with us and be happy!

Nias is an internationally famous surfing destination. The best known surfing area is Sorake Beach, Lagundri Bay, close to the town of Teluk Dalam, on the southern tip. Enclosed by the beaches of Lagundri and Sorake, the bay has both left and right-hand breaks. As they wait for waves, surfers can often see sea turtles swimming below.

Many lesser-known, high-quality surf spots with low crowds await adventurous travelers. 

Isolated yet worldly, the Nias Island chain has been trading since prehistory with other cultures, other islands, and even mainland Asia. Some historians and archaeologists have cited the local culture as one of the few remaining Megalithic cultures in existence today.

Humanity has a dear faith in the arrival of a better future and a state of wellbeing, happiness, peace and harmony. We make it happen!


Getting to Lagundri Bay:

We can arrange the complete package and include your flights and transport. Just contact us with your dates and we´ll do the organizing for you to get you barreled at Lagundri Bay. We´ll meet you at the airport in Gunungsitoli for the 2-3 hour trip to Lagundri.

Booking with Indo Surf Camps will provide quick confirmation for your stay with Hash and Family Surf Camp.

The Surf Breaks

The Point at Lagundri has been called many things including Nias, Lagundri, Sorake or most often just The Point, but whatever name is used, it always ends up in the world’s top 10 waves.


Indicators, a very shallow, hairy right with pinching barrels, where it´s critical to wait for the right wave and then kick out before the disastrous end section.


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Tariff Room Double 1 6 Tuesday, 10 March 2015 Monday, 10 March 2025 71.66€  Per person per night 1 1000
Tariff Room Twin Share 1 6 Tuesday, 10 March 2015 Monday, 10 March 2025 67.18€  Per person per night 1 1000

Additional services available.

Airport Transfers - RETURN

Return Trip from airport at Gunungsitoli to Lagundri Bay. Price USD

$85.00 ( Per booking )