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Jalan Raya maluk, Maluk, Sumbawa, 84456, Indonesia

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 Maluk House

We offer a comfortable and affordable home away from home while you experience all that the area has to offer. Check out the surf at Supersucks from the balcony. If it´s flat, go for a kayak or snorkel in Maluk Bay, hike to the waterfall in nearby Jereweh, or just sit back and enjoy the breath taking view. A five minute walk downhill from the house, the white sands of Supersucks are a beach combers paradise, and the water is great for swimming. 

The town of Maluk is a five minute motorbike ride away and provides an inside look at "the real Indo". Far from the crowds of tourists and hawkers in Bali and Lombok, this is a bustling little community of fishermen, miners, shopkeepers and their families. Horse drawn carts loaded down with women on their way to to the market share the road with scooters, bicycles, cows, goats, children and dogs. Local warungs offer traditional indonesia food for less than $2 a meal, and roadside stands sell fresh tropical fruits and young coconuts. Most of the locals speak Bahasa Indonesian, but they love to practice any English they might have picked up. The call of "Hello Mister!" is likely to follow you as you make your way through town.

The ground floor consists of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both bedrooms are equipped with air conditioners, mosquito nets and queen sized beds. ​ Upstairs, an open concept kitchen and living area provides plenty of space to cook, dine and lounge. The kitchen is stocked with all the necessary dishes and utensils and offers ample space for food preparation and storage. There is also ac upstairs, however with ten windows and four doors and fans, there is always a nice breeze circulating through the upper level and the ac is rarely needed. ​ The balcony wraps around three sides of the house and boasts one of the best views in Sumbawa. Pour yourself a drink, kick back on the day bed, and watch the waves roll in. 

The surf

The three main and most famous spots surfed on the west coast of Sumbawa are Scar Reef, Super Suck and Yo-Yo’s. There are a lot of other breaks within easy reach of Maluk so don´t be afraid to get off the beaten track and you will be sure to find some empty lineups.



Not so far down the coast at Sekongkang Bay is the best of West Sumbawa when the swell is small. Yo-Yo´s is a real swell magnet and there are a few other breaks in the bay. There is a right, sometimes called The Hook, which can hold up to about 6 foot and gets really good. This wave is fast and hollow and works on all tides except a very low tide. There is another option here tucked in against the cliff called the wedge and is good up to 6-8 foot. It is a peak take off running into fast rippable inside sections.



Just off the village of Maluk in beautiful Maluk Bay is the most famous wave on this rugged coast and is the areas biggest attraction. When its on its really a fantastic wave offering an easy takeoff leading into long walls and barreling sections winding down the reef. Supersuck will really make your trip to Sumbawa worthwhile.



South of the Jelenga Beach headland is this great lefthander wave that is best at lower tides when it starts to really barrel. Best at low tide as it can section a bit more on the higher tides. Scar reef is consistent, picking up a lot of swell.

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