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Desa Lantik, Simeulue Island, North Sumatra, 24782, Indonesia

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The Premier Exclusive Surf Resort on Simeulue Island in North Sumatra. Catering to international surfers, adventurers and people who just want to relax with easy access to Uncrowded Perfect Waves nestled among Pristine Nature.

Moon Beach Resort is a Paradise within a Paradise. The number 1 Resort offering the best food and personal service on Simeulue. Moon Beach Resort is located on the beach at Lantik Bayon the remote island of Simeulue off the North West coast of Sumatra.

The villas are only 10 minutes by car from Sinabang Airport and 20 minutes from the main shopping town of Sinabang. Simeulue lies 3 degrees north of the equator on the northern end of the Banyak group of islands off the North West Sumatran coast.

The Resort has super luxury villas that sit right on the foreshore of the Indian Ocean with long white sandy beaches overlooking the serene unique lush tropical Islands of Teupah, Mincau and Seflak Isle. Our beach is quiet safe for swimming so you can plunge in for some great body surfing or learn to surf on our beach breaks or just sit on your deck and soak up the tranquility.


Rates start from USD $85 per person per night.....see inclusions below.



• Local Airport transfers to and from the resort by our friendly staff.
• Three delicious meals a day with a mix of traditional and western cuisine of seafood, steak, chicken and vegetarian dishes (Please advise at time of booking if you require Vegetarian dishes)
• Unlimited purified water, tea, coffee, with daily fresh fruit and fruit juice.
• Entertainment center with Cable TV, Stereo, Table Tennis and Beach Volley Ball.
• Selection of Books, Magazines & Games, outdoor showers and board racks.
• Internet, Wi-Fi, universal electric plug adaptors for charging your gadgets.
• Twin share accommodation in deluxe villas with external bathroom.
• Mini Bar Fridge and stereo.
• Secluded private balcony and landscaped surroundings.
• Full time surf Guide available at the resort during the High Season Only.
• Daily land transfers to and from mainland Surf locations by motor vehicles equipped with a board racks, including fuel, accompanied by our Surf Guides who will have you surf a variety of waves.
• Or you can arrange to hire one of our motor bikes equipped with board rack and cruise to the waves yourself. Available for Rupiah 100,000 a day. MBR covers all service requirements and standard repairs. "Fuel, punctures, new tubes/tires, accidents or major repairs caused by the hirer will be at their costs."

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The Surf

There are literally UNCROWDED waves all over the south and western side of the island and some yet to be discovered or named. There are at least 10 quality waves within 5 to 60 minutes of the resort. Ranging from super hollow reef break barrels to more mellow easy to ride beach breaks. To give you an idea, some waves near the resort are “The Peak” which is about 5 minutes by motor bike or car from the resort. “Dylan’s Right” Which is about 15 minutes and “Tea Bags” on Teupah Island which is about 30 minutes by boat. There are other perfect right-hander’s, 2 tubing left reef breaks and various beach breaks located nearby. All the waves pump on their day depending on swell direction and local weather conditions. No matter what water craft you ride, whether you are an experienced surfer or just beginning surfing, we can help find the right waves for you.

The Peak

The peak is a fun perfect left and right which has both hollow barrel sections and nice walls. It picks up any swell and is supper consistent. It?s a fun wave which anyone can surf from beginners through to the very experienced

Dylan´s Right

Dylan´s Right is a hollow fast prefect right barrel which breaks over shallow reef on the inside of a large south west facing bay. Breaks best in larger swells but produces fun fast waves very consistently for intermediate plus surfers

Teabags Right

Teabags Right where deep water swells break over shallow reef creating a serious wave which has real power and length of ride. It picks up more swell easily and starts breaking from about 4 foot plus. South West swell and on low tide, NW-E wind. Also super consistent and is better suited to intermediate to advanced surfers. Booties recommended. Also has a good reef for snorkeling. This trip tages roughly 30 minutes.

Thailand´s Left

Thailand´s Left is about 1 hour drive followed by a 15 minute boat ride to access this fantastic consistent long left hand reef break with an easy take off with good walls and fast sections. Works best with a solid South to South West swell and on low tide with N-E winds. Thailand´s is suited to most surfers. It is a very scenic location which also has a good reef for snorkeling.

Boat Trips to other secluded waves

We have a number of other boat trips to secluded waves for those that want to get well away from the rest. Trips range in price from $35 to $40 all have a drive/ boat trip ranging from 1 hour to 2 hours be car with 15 to 20 minutes boat rides. You can enquire at the Resort on your arrival for further info.


Dickies is at the end of a scenic 45 minute journey by bike. It is a punchy left hander breaking onto shallow reef with some nice easy barrel sections surrounded by a beautiful bay is a fun wave for all.

Northern Right & Left

Northern Right & Left are not far from the resort, these two waves are almost side by side with a right handed reef break and fun left hand beaches. They are fun waves with some size. Best in similar conditions to the Peak but often far less crowded.

Southern Bay Right & Left

This is a thick right hand barrel breaking over shallow reef on the right-hand point and a long straight shallow left-hander breaking over shallow reef on the left-hand point that can handle big and small swells.


Simeulue unlike Java and further down the Samatran coast, lies just 3 degrees north of the Equator which provides consistent Waves all year round with weather conditions much the same throughout the year. Simeulue has the longest fetch out of any other Indonesian Island. It can utilize swells from the West, such as around Africa and Madagascar and does not just have to rely on Southern swells like most other Indo spots. It also picks up the full brunt of south swells as it sticks out at more of an angle than the other islands and is situated at the top of a 6km deep x 800mile + trench. Swells received here have longer lines and barrels.

Other Attractions

Game & Spear Fishing
- fishing trips Day Trips and Overnight trips to the outer Aceh Indian Ocean shelf can be arranged during your stay at the resort. The shelf is located off the resort and extends from Teupah Island South to Babi Island. Babi Island in particular sits almost right on the edge of the shelf rising from 1000ft to 600ft and up to 200ft.

The warm currents flowing in from around the surrounding Islands meets the cool Indian waters making this spot a haven for Species such as Coral Trout, GT´s, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Barracuda, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish), different species of Tuna, in particular Dogtooth Tuna, Bill fish - Sailfish, Black Marlin and Blue Marlin.

This is truly a unique unexplored marine habitat offering exceptional world class fishing and diving with all tropical species on offer in a beautiful environment. For overnight trips to Babi Island please inquire at time of application. Babi Island aslo has a good right hand wave in small swells.


Kampung Leubung 2 Km - This beautiful waterfall lays two hour easy walk across fairly even terrain and crosses through peoples land. We will walk through the old rice paddies, onto the grass flats where you will no doubt see some water buffalo and follow the river as it meanders through the tropical rainforest. We will cross some rickety (but I assure you safe enough) bamboo bridges and wade through the shallow river.

You will need a local guide to take you to these falls and back. The cost is 50,000rp per trip for 1 person or 150,000 per group of 3 or over. This money goes directly to the local community for the guide and as a gesture of good will for letting us use their land. The waterfall itself has two levels, both have pools of cool fresh water that are deep enough to swim in and clean enough to drink. The surrounding rocks make a great picnic area and chilling out spot before heading home. We will make you a picnic lunch to enjoy while you swim and filtered water for your walk. The waterfalls are generally deserted and you can expect to be the only people enjoying them.

Kampung Putra Jaya. About36.3 km or a 45 minute bike ride from Moon Beach. The second waterfall lays away and is easily accessible from the road. There is no cost to visit this waterfall and is easy to find, just over a concrete bridge right before a school on the right. Water flows from two sides of the swimming pool and there is a secondary waterfall just above the rocks if you walk a little further up. We would recommend avoiding this waterfall on Sundays as it can get crowded.

The sunsets here can be beautiful. We would recommend catching a few while you stay with us. There are two particularly good spots. The first is simply to walk toward the sunset along the beach in front of the resort. A short distance down the beach you will come across the water buffalo taking their evening dip in the river and relaxing on the sand. Alternatively drive left 20 minutes up the road to the surf spot called sunsets (at the bottom of the third hill). There are a few seating areas and somewhere you can buy a soft drink while you watch the sun set over the sea. The rock pools on the beach capture the different colors beautifully. The sun goes down pretty quickly here, around 6:15pm and is down by seven so give yourself plenty of time to get there.

There are numerous excellent snorkeling locations around our nearby islands, Mincau has excellent deep water coral reef for the serious diver as well shallow snorkeling off the beach. Seflak Island is a small atoll reef just in front of the Resort. It is completely surrounded by reef and also offers good snorkeling for the inexperienced from a small boat. Grab some flippers and a mask and explore another world. Great for the whole family.

Turtle watching
- Watching these graceful ocean travelers lay their eggs is a very unique experience, however you will need to be a dedicated enthusiast to view this experience. The Turtles only lay their eggs during the week of the full moon and always about 2 am in the morning as well they have five kilometers of wide white sandy beaches to select where they will lay. You can get lucky with a dawn walk along the beach and find the turtles heading back to the water. If you want a 2am excursion we can supply you with a torch to see your way. Cultural experience

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