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Jl. Raya Labuan, Carita Beach, West Java, 42264, Indonesia

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Panaitan Island Surf Camp

Surf adventures with uncrowded consistent waves in Panaitan Paradise being on the edge of the Earth.

Our Team of local experts are very proud of their experience at Panaitan Island. Experts in boat handling and surfing means you can rest assured of safely  finding your way to Panaitan Island and the amazing waves there for you. You will find our team is made up of colorful personalities that deliver excellent service while all the time caring for your safety. We are here to make your Panaitan Island dream come true. There are many surf spots here for all abilities so no matter if you are not advanced level surfer you can come on this adventure.

Panaitan Island lies off the western tip of Java in the Sunda Strait, the sea that links Java and Sumatra and is part of the World Heritage-listed Ujung Kulon National Park. Panaitan Island is as abundant in wildlife as it is in the world class waves that surround its reefs. The view from the boat moored in Panaitan Bay is a surfer’s dream: peeling waves break against backdrops of lush, unspoiled jungle with monkeys and deer on the beachs.  Most famous for its relentless, heaving tubes known as Apocalypse and One Palm Point, the island also boasts a wide range of options to cater to all levels of surfers.

Your adventure starts in Jakarta where we meet you at the airport  for the four hour drive  four hour drive out to the Port at Tanjung Lesung. From here we travel by boat for another four hours to the surf camp. All the Panaitan Island Waves are accessed from our camp by boat only and our boat and guides will stay wiith you all day until we return to camp. We can cater to any special requests so contact indo Surf Camps if you want to customize your trip.


All Inclusive Rates Covers:

  • Return Airport or Hotel transfer from Jakarta to Panaitan
  • Twin Share standard rooms
  • Cold Drinks
  • Bed + Blanket + Mosquito Net + cool fan
  • Electricity 6pm - 6am
  • Park fees for Ujung Kulon National Park
  • Shared bathroom with shower
  • Daily boat transfers to Panaitan from Surf Camp (approx 15-30 minutes)
  • Use of the boat all day at Panaitan for rest and Lunch break or just chill out on the boat.
  • Access to the waves with accomplished surf guide.
  • The 3 delicious meals every day are a good variety of western and Indonesian cuisine.  Throughout the day various snacks and fresh fruit are served. Unlimited  Coffee, tea and all soft drinks are included.


The Surf at Panaitan

One Palm Point

This is a world famous left point break. This point break is without doubt one of the best in the world. Waves here peel perfectly all the way down the point with a barrel that is wide open barrelling the whole way over a shallow bottom that inspires paranoia but creates record-time tube rides. One Palm Point is not a spot for the beginner. It works best on a good size swell with a good tide to avoid the reef. It gets a bit dangerous at low tide and special care needs to be taken with many surfers opting for wetsuits and helmets for protection from the reef. Its also important to have the right surfboard for this wave as the whole thing is just so fast so a bit of length and suitable for very fast barrels.


This is a very consistant wave attracting more swell than any of the other breaks at Panaitan. It is an easier soft wave, hence the name....but it can be a fun long ride making a pleasant change from the speed and difficulty of One Palm or Apocalypse. Great place for your fun shortboard and beginners. Sometimes its the best bet when there is small swell.


For the intermediate to experienced surfer. Apocalypse doesn´t look like much as you approach it from behind, but paddle into it from the boat and you will find an awesome right hander that barrels like Pipeline only longer. Every wave shuts down at the end inside section but thankfully the reef is not too shallow. Experts only, higher tides the go a feisty wave that peaks, walls, plumes, and fires. The water is quite deep at the take-off point, but a combination of funneled wave speeds, strong offshore winds and a receptive, stationary reef causes incoming swells to rise fast, hover, before hollowing out and breaking defiantly.


This smoking left is for the intermediate or advanced surfer. This is a fun, barreling, left-hander located further down from One Palm Point inside the bay. Napalms is always a good bet for getting a nice barrel as well as getting in some good turns.Probably the most frequently surfed wave at Panaitan, and with good reason. The left-hand reef here delivers barrels with mechanical perfection, and they are more make able than One Palm thanks to a defined channel. Take-offs are straight-forward, then a lined-up wall leads to a full-on barrel before tapering off into deep water. Higher tides are best if you want to avoid the shallow second section.


There are many other surf breaks in the area for you to explore.Our guides will help you find the best waves for you.

One Palm Point

One Palm Point is for barrel masters.


Apocalypse - heaving giant barrels.

gigantic barrels


The Food

Good meals are a huge part of any holiday and really important when it comes to satisfying the surfers appetite.  Panaitan surf camp has a fantastic chef and he personally ensures all of our meals are plentiful & varied enough so nobody gets bored. Vegetarians can be catered for. We offer the finest Ala Carte food ever.

fish dinner

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