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Jl. Cisolok KM. 9, Bojong Haur Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, 43365, Indonesia

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Pondok Kencana

This comfortable surf resort is on the beach at the world famous Cimaja surfing destination on the Indian Ocean, just 3 hours south from Jakarta. Cimaja is the perfect base for the surf traveler wanting to visit Ujang Genteng, Suwarna, Turtles, Loji’s & many other surf breaks in this area.The 1.2-hectare site is on the right side of the road & rises steeply, giving views to the Indian Ocean, also to the Cimaja and Indicator Point surf breaks. Because of this steep rise the hotel receives good sea breezes, making it cool & comfortable. The gardens are extensive and provide a relaxing environment with swimming pool and spa bath, tennis court, children’s play ground, BBQ’s & secure car parking.

The Surf

The Palabuhanratu area is a favorite surfing destination for surfers from all over the world.


A right hander which is only a 300 meter walk through rice paddies from our rooms. This spot has consistent surf. It peels off down the rocky point with nice barrel sections over a 100-200 meters.

Indicator Point

This break has a shallow coral bottom, which works well with a high tide and can take a fairly large swell. It’s a long wall with a constant tube that shuts down in front of a small beach after a 150 – 200 m down the line. If you want a speedy workable wave you’ll find it here when the conditions are right.

Karang Papak. Just across the Cimaja river mouth & around the point is a small left hander ........this is a fun wave and easy to get to.

Karang Hawu. Further along (2km from Cimaja) is KARANG HAWU This is a beach break sometimes called Sunset Beach and offers rights and lefts, but the lefts tend to be better.

CIKEMBANG is a small bay at the west-end of the Pelabuhan Ratu bay, just past the river at Cisolok. There are four spots here, one at the village at the base of the mountains, then two on the east end of this bay & the fourth on the west end of the bay.

The first break is located at the village of KARANG CIBANG HAJI, also around the point to KARANG HAJI break. Karang Haji point break is a clean wave, which wraps around a large rock, then goes between two large rocks about 60+ mts apart, this wave can give fun rides up to 100 mts.

SUWARNA A great place to escape crowds and surf a left point which can be a lot of fun with a few barrels.

CIKEMBANG. Access to the bay here is steep and dangerous so best walk down. There are no shops or restaurants located in this bay, but if you ask the local fishermen are willing to cook you some boiled rice & BBQ some fish right there on the beach.

Ombak Tujuh within the range of a day trip. Best to hire a car and leave early on a day trip. It takes a considerable amount of time and is a real challenge on a motor bike. Hire a local boat from Ujung Genteng and you are there in an hour. Steep and hollow drops are the happening thing for all surf sessions here. If you want stand up tubes on big waves this is it. Full green rooms that won’t be forgotten too soon. And if you catch it right with a big swell you won’t be disappointed, but leave your small boards on the boat because you’re not going to catch any of those waves with anything less then a 7’6″. If you really want to test your skills paddle out to the outside section, this will no doubt be unforgettable if you survive. This place has to have a big swell to work. Be very clear that this place is definitely a big wave break so leave your 6’0, 6’6″ and all those other short boards at home because you’ll need a big board if you want to get into one these waves. This wave has the power of Hawaiian waves and can hold you down for quite some time so be smart and use the right equipment, because there are no lifeguards out here.

Costs to rent a boat from Pelabuhan Ratu is around Rp 6,000,000 or some Rp 1.000,000 from Ujang Genting. Go when there is a good swell.

By taking our local guide from Cimaja you will get the benefit of local knowledge & lots of good assistance to make it all easy and find the best surf spots and all your rest facilities.

BAJAH. Here there are a number of coral reefs, which can give fast waves, but much of these breaks have yet to searched out, At Bayah the road comes to a Tee intersection, turn left, not far along the road in the direction of CIHARA, there is grove of coconut trees on the beach side of the road. If you look carefully there is a point break, which breaks right over a coral reef.

This location should be good for early morning sessions, before the wind starts.

At the village of Cihara, the adventurous can make a change from surfing & go mountaineering, in the direction of GUNUNG NYUNGGUN (access is also possible from the north side of the mountain). This is a special area for a race of people, known as the “Badui” people, whose origins are thought to be from southeast China, Vietnam. These people are known for their total dependence on only natural ways of life – rejecting electricity, machines, cars etc. Permits are required to enter this area & visitors should be respectful of their way of life & they will welcome you to visit their quiet idyllic village.

Continuing in a westerly direction, you will get to a small village called


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