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T-Land Resort

If you dream of a tropical paradise with perfect waves, Rote is your destination. Here you will find a world-class  wave to enjoy with friends and your family. Our resort is named after the T-Land wave, located in the small village of Nemberala. T-Land is one of the longest lefts in Indonesia and offers surfing at different levels thanks to its three distinct sections.

The Indonesian archipelago boasts the most beautiful waves in the world and become extremely popular but  Rote Island has remained well off the map in regards to tourism. It´s the surfers again who have discovered the hidden paradise of Nemberala.

The T-Land Resort is located on the beach at Nemberala on Rote Island. Famously known as T-Land as it is like a softer version of its namesake, G-land. Hard to find a more friendly wave. Our boats are always ready for easy access to both waves or further afield for a fishing expedition if there are no waves. The T-Land Resort is a destination for surfers and friends or family. We are hidden among the coconut palm trees of Nemberala beach on the southern end of this remote island. We offer a special place to rest in comfort and peace after another tropical day of surf and fun in the sun. The T-Land Resort has been built with traditional Indonesian style and offers high-standard accommodation. The resort is fenced all-round with a coral rock wall assuring privacy and safety without detriment to the sea views.

The Surf

Surf T-Land - Nemberala is an easier and more “user friendly” wave than its namesake G-Land in east java. The take-off is deeper water offering safety from the reef which is also smoother and a lot more friendly. The reef is not threatening and the good days when the swell, tides and winds are right it can be a 500 meter long ride. There are and four possible take off zones from The Point, The Steeple, Magic Mountain and Inner-tubes. Nemberala is a “wave magnet” focusing all swells of a southerly direction and the South East trade wind are off-shore. This wave can also be very good both early and late season when the winds are more light and variable. The wave is not tide dependent but often better at low tide when there is a good chance of a barrel....just another great Indo left hander paradise. Fishing Diving

T-Land is one of the longest (600ft-1.200ft) and most perfect waves in Indonesia. Its quality and consistency allows you to surf from 2ft to 15ft. It has three take off sections with different levels of difficulty. Off-shore winds are during the dry season. 

T-Land Resort offers you the best location for accessing the wave. Our resort and our boat are located right in front of the reef channel that will take you to surf.

Located in the Nembrala bay this is a shorter and more intense right hand break. It has a fast take- off and brakes on reef ending in a deep water channel. It is at its best at low tide but it can break at high tide with a bigger swell. 

This right hander is 10 minutes away by motorbike or car, it can also be reached by boat from the resort too. This is a powerful wave with a fast take off and a good tube section. It breaks at mid tide. It is best with lighter wind, early in the morning and  the sunset session. It´s rare to find people riding it..

Suckies also know as Sucky Mamas or Peanuts, it´s 10 minutes by boat, located in Fedok Village. A short, intense and powerful right-wave. Very funny with good tubes, breaking at half and high tide. You´ll hardly find anybody there.

In the same Nemberala beach, we find a safe and funny wave, perfect for beginners. A right and left wave breaking at half and high tide.

There are also other world-class waves, both lefts and rights. Depending on the direction of the sea and the wind we move along the coast to find the best conditions. Beaches with crystal-clear waters, white-sand islands in the middle of the ocean... We will let you into all our secrets.

Rote and Getting Here.

Rote Island is a part of Kupang Regency and is the southernmost island of Indonesia. It is located off the west coast of West Timor. This exotic island can be reached only by inter-island ferry or by charter flight from Kupang but is well worth the trip. The Rote landscape is noticely different from most of the other Indonesian Islands and the local people continue to maintain their traditional lifestyle, which has remained unchanged for centuries.

Ferries to Rote

The Ferry service to Rote can be unreliable especially in the peak of the trade winds during July and August as the channel can have very rough conditions. It can be a bit frustrating and cause a delay. The fast ferry takes about two hours from Kupang to the port at Ba´a. Tickets cost RP 150,000 economy or RP 190,000 for a VIP ticket with a RP 10,000 fee for your boards. The Bus trip from Ba’a to Nemberala takes around an hour and costs about RP 50,000.

The Slower Ferry which takes a few hours leaves from a different place to the fast ferry, and lands at Pantai Baru on Rote. From there it is two hours drive and costs RP 100,000 per person. We recommend the fast ferry.

Flights to Rote.

There are flights to Rote from Kupang but best to check direct with the airlines. Trans Nusa and Susi Air have flights available and Private charters is also another option and is affordable as it is quite a short flight. We can arrange flight tickets to fit your schedule so please add a request to include flight tickets with your booking and we will be in contact.



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