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Jalan Lingkar, Selatan Sekongkang, Sumbawa, 84456, Indonesia

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Yoyos Hotel and Surf Camp.

We are a small hotel , bar, restaurant and surf camp located 10 Km south of Maluk at Sekongkang on the beach at Yoyos Beach.  Great surf breaks around us for you to explore.

We cater for surfers, divers, fisherman, large functions, special events and the local community .

Our restaurant is renowned for it’s quality western and local dishes. As well as the cold beers and operates from 7.00 AM through to 11.00 PM daily. The location gives you easy access to surf locations- Tropical, Super Sucks, Scar Reef and of course Yoyos. Our friendly staff can assist you with other items such motor cycle hire, ATM locations, other beach locations and the location of scenic jungle walks.

Nice views of ocean and waves, great beachfront spot to watch sunset from and take a walk along the beach before dinner. Food is nice with great service.

The location is so quiet in a beautiful tropical garden setting and right on the oceanfront. There is also a great Aussie bar very close also on the ocean front. Monkeys always come to drink from the water ponds and there´s cows and horses wandering around freely. Come stay with us and experience surf paradise with Sumbawa culture.

The Surf


The three main and most famous spots surfed on the west coast of Sumbawa are Scar Reef, Super Suck and Yoyos.


Right out in front of our surf camp at Sekongkang Bay is the best of West Sumbawa when the swell is small. Yoyos is a real swell magnet and there are a few other breaks in the bay. There is a right, sometimes called The Hook, which can hold up to about 6 foot and gets really good. This wave is fast and hollow and works on all tides except a very low tide. There is another option here tucked in against the cliff called the wedge and is good up to 6-8 foot. It is a peak take off running into fast rippable inside sections.


Just off the village of Maluk in beautiful Maluk Bay is the most famous wave on this rugged coast and is the areas biggest attraction. When its on its really a fantastic wave offering an easy takeoff leading into long walls and barreling sections winding down the reef. Supersuck will really make your trip to Sumbawa worthwhile.

Scar Reef

South of the Jelenga Beach headland is this great lefthander wave that is best at lower tides when it starts to really barrel. Best at low tide as it can section a bit more on the higher tides. Scar reef is consistent, picking up a lot of swell.

Surf Supersuck


You should see it when its big.

Getting Here

getting there

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Tariff Room Single 1 6 Tuesday, 23 February 2016 Monday, 23 February 2026 $19.00  Per night 1 1000
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Tariff Dorm Room 1 8 Tuesday, 23 February 2016 Monday, 23 February 2026 $12.00  Per night 1 1000

Additional services available.

Airport Transfer - One Way

Pick Up lombok International Airport to Kayangan Port. USD 48

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